Swanky AMP
Swanky AMP
Truly dynamic tube

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Swanky AMP
Swanky AMP
Truly dynamic tube

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Swanky AMP
Sag control

Detailed tube dynamics

Swanky AMP's underlying tube model provides highly detailed dynamics. And you can control those dynamics to create a unique tube sound tailored to your playing style.

A tube amp model with note bloom and compressive sag? Yes please.

Fine grained control

Get that clear crisp sound or crunchy distortion with intuitive controls that affect the underlying tube characteristics.

Explore sounds ranging from vintage crunch tones to high gain metal, all in one seamless workflow.

Tube controls
Distortion controls

Volume independent pre amp and power amp distortion

Dial in the exact tube distortion profile you want with independent control of the pre amp distortion and power amp distortion.

Swanky AMP is calibrated to reduce the master level in response to increasing the gain and power amp volume (i.e. the pre amp and power amp drive). When you turn up the drive controls, you get just the distortion, not the volume increase.

Simplified gain staging

Set the input level so that the input meter peaks near the "S" mark for a single coil pickup, or "H" for a humbucker. Use presets with confidence knowing your guitar is gain staged like it was when the preset was built.

Set the master output level to achieve the desired loudness, without affecting any of the distortion.

Levels controls


Swanky AMP is powered by a state-of-the-art tube amplifier model. The model is based on detailed simulations of real tube amplifier circuits, and is built using a variety of modern digital signal processing techniques.

Detailed measurements were taken of the response of the full amplifier circuitry. In this way, the subtle interplay of the various sections of an amplifier were captured.

Sag isn't just voltage starvation, it is the coordinated response of a variety of electrical components to this voltage drop. Note bloom isn't just the compression of notes near breakup, it is the balance of the onset of distortion with the release time of the distortion ceiling.

By capturing these nuances, and exposing them as intuitive controls, Swanky AMP offers endless sonic possibilities.


Version 0.9.0 (latest)

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Previous versions

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Windows installation

Download the "VST3 installer", run it, follow the prompts. Windows might commplain about the unknown origin of the file. Alternatively you can directly dowload the "VST3 file" and move it into
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3".

macOS installation

For the VST3 plugin format: download and open the "VST3 DMG" disk image. Drag and drop the "SwankyAmp.vst3" package into the "VST3" folder.

For the AU (audio unit) plugin format: download and open the "VST3 AU" disk image. Drag and drop the "SwankyAmp.component" package into the "AU" folder.