Truly dynamic tube amplification

Swanky Amp Pro is a tube amplifier emulation plug-in with a unique personality, a broad range of tones, and life-like dynamics.

Its unique circuit is loosely based around the Deluxe tube amplifier, and its versatile customization options extend well past vintage tones into high-gain territory. Swanky Amp Pro adds a layer of nuanced dynamism to your playing thanks to its detailed tube simulations.

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Swanky AMP PRO

Intuitive controls, deep customization

Get that clear crisp sound or crunchy distortion with intuitive controls that affect the underlying tube model.

Explore sounds ranging from vintage crunch tones to high gain distortion, all in one seamless workflow.

Build a tone with personality using unique customization options.

Pedal effects with a kick

Get that solo to stand out with a collection of essential pedal effects.

Each pedal emulates true analogue circuitry: hard clipping, soft clipping, diode clipping, so much clipping! The algorithms have been crafted to capture analogue dynamics.

Control your tone with standardized output level controls and mix controls for each pedal.

Detailed cabinet model

Swanky Amp's unique cabinet model technology ensures you get an authentic and precise cabinet sound. No room acoustics, no recording artifacts. Just the pure cabinet.

When your guitar gets loud, the speaker cone responds dynamically, adding another layer of detail to your playing.

Always liked the sound of a particular speaker but wish it had a bit more bite? Use the speaker controls to sculpt the sound of the speaker cone. These controls tweak the speaker cone model, enhancing its underlying frequency content.

Simplified gain / drive / volume controls

Dial in the exact tube distortion profile you want with independent control of the pre-amp distortion and power amp distortion.

Set the input level until you reach the reference mark for the pickup you are using. Drive the pre-amp or the power amp independently, and without affecting the overall volume. Then, simply chose the desired output level.


Swanky Amp Pro is currently in beta. Some bugs are to be expected, and some features aren't yet complete. You can click here for information about the state of the beta.

Swanky Amp Pro is currently being offered at a promotional price of $45.00 USD. The price will increase as more features are added leading up to the full launch. Limited licenses will be made available at this price.

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Swanky AMP is powered by a state-of-the-art tube amplifier model. The model is based on detailed simulations of real tube amplifier circuits, and is built using a variety of modern digital signal processing techniques.

Measurements were taken of the response of the full amplifier circuitry. In this way, the subtle interplay of the various sections of an amplifier were captured.

Sag isn't just voltage starvation, it is the coordinated response of a variety of electrical components to this voltage drop. Note bloom isn't just the compression of notes near breakup, it is the balance of the onset of distortion with the release time of the distortion ceiling.

By capturing these nuances, and exposing them as intuitive controls, Swanky AMP offers endless sonic possibilities.

Read more about the work that went into this technology in this blog post.



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You can click here to download the latest factory presets. Or you can delete your presets directory to force the plug-in to re-populate it with factory presets (you should backup your custom presets first). The preset directory can be found by clicking the icon beside the preset selector.

Note that version 0.4.1 introduces new presets. It is recommended you remove the previous presets and download the new ones.

Beta version 0.5.2 (latest)

Alternatively you can download the plug-in file directly:
  VST3 file     VST3 file     AU file

Beta progress

The latest patch addresses the following issues:

Planned features:

Known issues in the current beta version:

There are currently no known issues in the beta. Please report any problems you encouter to support@resonantdsp.com.

Windows installation

Download the VST3 installer, run it, follow the prompts. Alternatively you can directly download the VST3 file and move it into C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.

macOS installation

Download the AU | VST3 installer, run it, follow the prompts. Most audio software on macOS (e.g. GarageBand, Ableton ...) supports the AU plug-in format. Some 3rd party software might support only the VST3 plug-in format.

To install the AU plug-in directly, download the zip file and extract it inside /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/.

To install the VST3 plug-in directly, download the zip file and extract it inside /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/.


For support inquiries, please contact support@resonantdsp.com.