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Tube Amplifier Emulation:
Why Tube Amplifiers?


Tube Amplifier Emulation:
Why Bother With Emulation?


Tube Amplifier Emulation:
How Can a Computer Do Emulation?


Tube Amplifier Emulation:
Building Swanky Amp



Resonant DSP is the maker of audio production plug-ins, currently offering Swanky Amp, with the pro version to follow shortly. Swanky Amp started as a passion project and is fully open-sourced: it is free, both as in "free speech" and "free beer". Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Resonant DSP is presently a one-man operation. So let me introduce myself: my name is Garrin. I have a PhD in particle physics which I obtained in collaboration with CERN, and which involved a fair bit of electrical engineering. In another life I was also a software engineer and a machine learning researcher. In a completely non-professional setting I play guitar and dabble in music production. Put together, those skills make a good foundation for this kind of work.

I discovered the world of digital audio production by trying out open source software such as Guitarix and Ardour. It's been quite the rabbit hole since then, and I've never found an amp emulation plugin that quite satisfied me (which is not to say there aren't great offerings out there). This led me to thinking I might be able to put my skills to use in contributing something back to the open source music community.

Hence Swanky Amp was born. I am pleased to offer it completely free, and to make the source code available for anyone to tinker with. I am also monetizing the effort by offering a pro version with an improved UI, pedal effects, and additional quality-of-life features.


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