Truly dynamic tube amplification

Swanky Amp Pro emulates guitar tube amplifiers, offering a broad range of tones with life-like dynamics, all in a seamless workflow.

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Swanky Amp Pro


Intuitive controls, deep customization

Get that clear crisp sound or crunchy distortion with intuitive controls that affect the underlying tube model.

Explore sounds ranging from vintage crunch tones to high gain distortion, all in one seamless workflow.

Build a tone with personality using unique customization options.

Pedal effects with a kick

Get that solo to stand out with a collection of essential pedal effects.

Each pedal emulates true analogue circuitry: hard clipping, soft clipping, diode clipping, so much clipping! The algorithms have been crafted to capture analogue dynamics.

Control your tone with standardized output level controls and mix controls for each pedal.

Detailed cabinet model

Swanky Amp's unique cabinet model technology ensures you get an authentic and precise cabinet sound. No room acoustics, no recording artifacts. Just the pure cabinet.

When your guitar gets loud, the speaker cone responds dynamically, adding another layer of detail to your playing.

Always liked the sound of a particular speaker but wish it had a bit more bite? Use the unique speaker controls to sculpt the sound of the speaker cone. These controls tweak the speaker cone model, enhancing its underlying frequency content.

Simplified gain / drive / volume controls

Dial in the exact amount of tube distortion you want with independent control of the pre-amp distortion and power amp distortion.

Set the input level until you reach the reference mark for the pickup you are using. Drive the pre-amp or the power amp independently, and without affecting the overall volume. Then, simply chose the desired output level.

Bigger-than-life stereo

Toggle the stereo edit mode and start editing the parameter's stereo spread.

This streamlined workflow allows you to experiment with varied stereo configurations. Drive the right channel a bit harder, boost the presence in the left channel...

The cabinet section also offers fully independent configuration of the left and right channels, along with balance and width controls take full command of the stereo field.


It's never been easier to get a recording-ready guitar tone tailored to your playing style. Swanky Amp Pro's unique circuit allows for deep customization, ranging from clean vintage tones to heavy distortion. Swanky Amp Pro adds a layer of nuanced dynamism to your playing thanks to its detailed tube simulations.



It’s been an experience like with no other amp sim I’ve tried … and I’ve loved every minute of it.
Swanky Amp Pro is crazy, crazy good.
pluginguru.com on YouTube


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Just grab the download below and select demo mode when presented with the unlock screen. The software will output static noise for a few seconds, once per minute, while in demo mode.


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Version 1.3.0

Installer (VST3, AU):
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Alternatively you can download the plug-in file directly:
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What's new

Version 1.3.0:

View prior releases

Version 1.2.0:
  • Added a custom post reverb.
  • Help Area will indicate when a new version is available.
  • Small UI update and tweaks.
  • Fixed issue with presets not synchronizing with changes in the directory.
Version 1.1.3:
  • Minor improvements to lock screen.
Version 1.1.2:
  • Fix for popup menus not scaling correctly.
Version 1.1.1:
  • Fix for popup menus not displaying correctly on macOS.
Version 1.1.0:
  • Added a demo mode.
Version 1.0.0:
  • The missing tooltips have been added. Existing tooltips have been revised.
  • The "Orange Drive" pedal's circuit was misconfigured and has been corrected.
  • The volume corrections have been revised.
  • The overall volume has been increased.
  • Tweaked cab defaults: extend lows and highs a bit.
  • Tweaked pedal defaults: use sensible parameters.
  • Preset management is now based on files and directories.
  • Selecting presets should no longer fail.
  • Added a small collection of presets covering a variety of sounds.
  • Added independent left and right channel parameters for stereo.
  • Presets now include some stereo width.
  • Smoother preset loading.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • UI tweaks.
  • Added and reworked pedals.
  • Added 8 pedal slots and the ability to swap them.
  • Added an impulse response loader to the cabinet section.
  • Made cabinet model parameters change smoothly.
  • Fixed issue with cabinet model low-end, and tweaked defaults.
  • Added an option for open-back cabinets.
  • Improved the level normalization when switching IRs.


You can read the User's Manual here. For support inquiries, please contact support@resonantdsp.com.



A Swanky Amp Pro license allows you can to install the software on up to 3 different devices. You can download future product updates to Swanky Amp Pro at no cost.

Swanky Amp Pro's copy protection is built to stay out of your way. The first time the plug-in is run on a device, you will be prompted to enter your license key which will be validated over the internet. Internet connectivity is required only once to validate the license key. After that initial validation, the software can be used on the device even when it is offline. No dongles and no 3rd party license management.